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Featured School: The Krav Maga Defence Institute

Location: Sydney City (Surry Hills)

Website: www.kmdi.com.au

School Profile:

The Krav Maga Defence Institute has become one of the largest Krav Maga schools in Australia in the last few years. Among their students you will find a mix of CBD based professionals, university students, soldiers and local police officers. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and the training is intense.

Krav Maga Defence Institute founder, Ron Engelman served as a Krav Maga instructor in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) where he was head trainer for one of the IDF’s most esteemed fighting units.

The KMDI team includes another IDF veteran, two members of the Australian Defence Force and several other highly qualified instructors. All KMDI instructors must undergo rigorous training¬† and selections which culminate with the IKMF instructor’s course. This course is only taught by the highest ranked Krav Maga experts from Israel and is the longest and most difficult instructor’s course that can be completed outside of the Israeli military. This ensures that KMDI instructors are among the best of the best.